Interview with Afrikaans language tutor Yolande Raubenheimer


In this video I interview Yolande Raubenheimer, who is an Afrikaans tutor and the creator of the ‘Learn Afrikaans’ channel on YouTube and I am very excited to share this interview with you because Yolande is so passionate about her native language, and speaks honestly about the struggles that she and others went through with their feelings towards their own language, growing up in South Africa in the 90`s after the end of apartheid.   

I apologize that the sound in this video does crackle in places.  I have tried to clean it up as best I can, but we did have a few Skype connection problems.  If you would like to check anything that is not clear from the audio then just ask be commenting here or under the YouTube video .  

Here are the names of the artists that Yolande recommends for anyone who is keen to use songs to help them with learning afrikaans.  They are Laurika Rauch (‘Ek Het ‘n Huisie By Die See’ is a beautiful song, and you can also get the lyrics on YouTube in the comments here   , Chris Chameleon and Die Heawels Fantasties. 

I hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Yolande`s YouTube channel


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