Afrikaans language tutor Edo recommends a great method when starting with a new language


My Afrikaans tutor Edo talks about the best way he has found to begin learning a language, which focuses on learning the connecting words of the language first.  He shows you how he does this here, in this video of one of my early Afrikaans lessons.

If you would like to contact Edo here is a link to his italki teachers profile Edo also teaches English, Japanese and Chinese.

These lessons are inspired by the Pimsleur method.  To date they do not have an Afrikaans version, but I can vouch that the French one is excellent for anyone who may be learning French.  Here is a link to the Pimsleur website

I also like to see the words that I have learnt written down, so I support this method with the ‘Goldlist’ method that is mentioned here on Lingholic, which I think is a great website for tips on language learning

I hope this video was helpful to you, and you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!


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