Johannesburg for Tourists


Hi! In this video I talk to Ed, a life long Jo’burg resident and language tutor, about what there is for tourists to do and see in Johannesburg.  The  airport is the most I have ever seen of Johannesburg on our way through to Cape Town so I found this really interesting.

We also touch on life in Jo’burg past and present, and how language learning can be a bridge to help build friendships among people from different backgrounds and communities.

I would always recommend people do their own research on places, there is a wealth of information on Google and YouTube, and do talk to South Africans as well, they are rightly very passionate about their country, coming from the UK where patriotism is seen in a negative light, and often discouraged I find this beautifully inspiring.

Also here are some links to some of the places mentioned in this video to get you started. Please do bare in mind that like anywhere there are some less safe areas, but having said that South Africa is a beautiful country, both in its landscape and all its peoples, and I feel it is a must visit. If you have a question about an area please do feel free to ask us. I have listed all these areas not because I consider them all tourist attractions, but because I am interested in both the history and future of South Africa, and I feel the study of this information is interesting and important. I still cannot make my mind up on how I feel about organised Township tours, I am interested to go into these areas because I like meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, but I worry that organised tours maybe seen as a type of “people safari”. I would be interested to know how others, particularly South Africans, feel about them.

Links to get you started!

Maps of Johannesberg and area

North Cliff

Hillbrow Tower

Sentech Tower

Ponte Tower

Gold Reef City



Rosebank Mall






Jo’burg CBD

China Town (Cyrildene)


Hartbeespoort Dam

Vaal Dam

Sun City (Valley of the Waves etc.)

Pilanesberg National Park

Orlando Cooling Towers



Ed is a language tutor on, teaching Afrikaans, English and Japanese. if you would like to contact Ed here is a link to his italki teacher’s profile


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