Talking Afrikaans

Like most language learners I know I love to speak the languages I am learning.  I will happily chat away to myself in the language but am very shy to speak it in front of others, and will often freeze up when confronted with a native speaker.  Ah I can already feel the frustration for my lesson later today when all my Afrikaans previously learnt will leave me for one hour, and then sure enough return straight after my lesson! I often wake up in the night with words floating around in my head, and then I lay awake for an hour or so with more words suddenly spilling into my mind, then I get to my language lesson, or the opportunity to talk and like magic they disappear!  For me I am putting this mainly down to confidence and so I am going to make the effort to speak the language more.  I have decided to terrify myself even further by putting it out on the internet for all to criticize and ridicule.  All of my interactions so far with native speakers have been very positive, with lots of encouragement and good constructive criticism.  Constructive criticism and corrections are so important for learning anything, but please in light of my video on ‘The Kindness Challenge’ do give any feedback kindly.


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