22 van my gunsteling Afrikaanse Intensiewe Vorme

I have also tried to put what the English equivalent would be, but for some of them I could not really think of a good word or saying that we have in English.  Please also feel free to comment with your own.

silwerskoon (clean as sliver) spotless 

blitsvinnig (lightening fast) as fast as lightening 

brandarm (very poor) dirt poor

Peodelnaked (naked as a poodle) stark naked

doodbang (dead scared) dead scared

doodernstig (dead serious) dead serious/deadly serious 

doodmaklik (dead easy) dead easy

haarfyn (hair fine) as thin as a thread

hemelhoog (high as heavens) heaven high

Veerlig (feather light) as light as a feather

papnat (sopping wet) sopping wet/soaking wet

peperduur (Expensive as peper) ridiculously expensive

perdfris (healthy as a horse) as healthy as a horse, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle 

pikswart (pitch black) pitch black

prentjiemooi (picture pretty/picturesque) as pretty as a picture

splinternuut (brand new) brand new

Vuurwarm (fire warm) baking hot

Kliphard (hard as a rock) rock hard

stokdoof (deaf as a stick) stone deaf

Skatryk (rich as treasure) filthy rich

vingeralleen (lonely as a finger) all alone

Yskoud (ice cold) ice cold


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