The Afrikaans Language Learning Materials I`m using

Here I talk about the materials I started using at the beginning of my Afrikaans learning and what I am now using 3 years on.  If you are interested in different and fun ways to learn a language then I have a website dedicated to this at 

For a $2 trial language learning coaching session with me follow this link

I hope you enjoy this short video 🙂

I want to share my own experiences, and the experiences of others who learn in a fun way, both here, on my YouTube Channel, and in the 1 to 1 coaching sessions I offer, in the hope that it will be useful to others.

I want to help people to become independent learners by teaching them how to learn languages in the right way for them.

I am passionate about encouraging more people to learn languages because I believe it can help us all to get a better understanding of each other, and through gaining a better understanding of each other perhaps we might begin to live together more peacefully.

You can connect me by email:

In the comments on this blog.

On the contact page on my website                               

For a $2 trial language learning coaching session with me follow this link

Thank you for watching Xx

FAQs about me

How old are you? – 37 (updated 06.01.2017)

Where do you live? – Near Cambridge, UK

If you could live anywhere where would you love to live? – It keeps changing! maybe Camps Bay, Cape Town, Llandudno, Cape Town or Big Bay Cape Town, I cant decide!  I also think some places in America look beautiful but I`ve never been to America so I don`t know.

Do you have any pets? – Unfortunately not because we live in an apartment, but I would love dogs.

What other languages are you learning? – French, and I would also like to start Spanish and Welsh when my Afrikaans and French are better.

Why Afrikaans? – My husband is South African and so we visit his family there yearly, also I wanted a language that I could use regularly, but really I just love it!!

Why French? – I lived and worked in France at Disneyland Paris, and so I want to keep that part of me alive.

Why Welsh? – My Granddad was Welsh, sadly he is no longer around but I still want to do it for him. Plus I also love the less common languages, hence Afrikaans.

Why Spanish? I love Spanish music and just feel a draw to the language.


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