Part 3 How To Use a Language Tutor

In this video I talk firstly about how to use a language tutor, this can be applied to learning any language. I then talk about my four Afrikaans tutors and the different things I use each of them for. I hope you enjoy and find it useful 🙂


People and things mentioned in this video.

*Luca Lampariello’s Bidirectional method of language learning

*My video on finding people to talk to

*Pimsleur method


All of my tutors are very kind and understanding people whom I have great respect for.

*Yolande – great for creative outside the box fun lessons and teaching pronunciation through songs.

Yolande can be reached either through her YouTube channel



*Eugene – great for teaching pronunciation through reading, finding materials he knows you will be interested in, interesting person to speak with, kind teacher.

Eugene teaches through italki

*Suzanne – great for teaching grammar in fun and interesting ways, pushing your conversation outside your comfort zone, and teaching children.

Suzanne teaches through italki

*Ed – great at getting you speaking with his take on the Pimsleur method of language learning, and for conversation practice.

Ed teaches through italki


I coach people on how to learn languages. Here is how you can get in touch with me.

Email: OR






Language learning is like getting fit, you want to but it seems painful.  You have all these limiting beliefs holding you back and so it never happens.  You need someone to motivate you, keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goals so you get a Personal Trainer.  What if there was a Personal Trainer for language learning? A language fitness coach to

  • Help set you on the right path.
  • Help you set clear goals.
  • Help you work through your blocks.
  • Help you find learning materials and methods right for YOU.
  • Help you set a learning schedule you’ll ENJOY and actually DO.
  • Help you develop the confidence to start SPEAKING.

Someone to give you a friendly kick up the butt when needed.  Who you can vent to without about being judged about things such as “how ridiculously complicated the French language is” or “Oh god why can’t we just stop this whole masculine/feminine business!” Well the great news is that there is

Enter Kelly language coach extraordinaire 🙂


One thought on “Part 3 How To Use a Language Tutor

  1. Ek het onlangs jou blog gevind en dit is altyd goed om oor ander leerders in Brittanje uit te vind. Dis veel moeiliker deesdae om Afrikaanssprekers in Londen te vind dus moet ek nou ‘n bietjie italki gebruik om te verbeter so dis goed om oor ander mense se ervaring en gedagtes oor die tutors te lees.


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