How to learn a language when you have no time.

Hi! In this video I talk about how establishing a routine that is fun for you is important, and how to fit learning into your everyday routines when you are pushed for time.


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Colloquial Afrikaans (Book and CD) (This is working really well for me now)
Anki flash card app

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That opinion of Afrikaans that I hate.

I am very passionate about Afrikaans and so feel hurt when I hear certain opinions about it.  Afrikaans is a language spoken by people from many different cultures and of many different colours across South Africa, Namibia and the world, yet some people feel it is appropriate to call it a racist language.  A language itself cannot be racist.  I  am aware of the history of South Africa and why this can be a view that some people hold but, we need to remember that many other languages have also been spoken by those who have oppressed people: German, English, Russian are just a few.  In fact I think if you were to go back in history almost every language in the world would have at some time been spoken by oppressors in and out of government.  I do not hear the same criticism and protest to these languages.  No one is telling Germans that they cannot speak German because it is racist, that would be ridiculous.  It seems we can separate people from language in the above examples, we realise that not every German speaker was a Nazi, and therefore it should be the same for Afrikaans.

I have had native Afrikaans speakers tell me they struggled with their own feelings towards their language after 1994.  They had spent their whole lives thinking, dreaming, and singing in their mother tongue and now did not know how to feel about part of their identity, and I find that heart-breaking: a lot of these people were never involved in the oppression, some where just children then.  I believe Afrikaans has a rightful place in South Africa, yes it stems from Dutch, but it is not Dutch, it is very unique to South Africa.  It is a beautiful and expressive language.  The English words ‘beautiful’ and ‘terrible’ do not even come close in being able to express emotion in same way the words `pragtig’ and `Verskriklik’ do.

If you are an Afrikaans language learner I would encourage you to have the confidence to reach out to native Afrikaans speakers.  As with any language you might get the odd person who is not very helpful but, compared to other languages I have tried learning the response has been much more positive and helpful almost all of the time.  Everyone I have encountered has been genuinely excited and interested in why I am trying to learn their native language.  I have had people literally brimming with excitement in a way that I have not experienced with native speakers of other languages I have learnt, and they seem to truly want to encourage and help you where they can. The love that native speakers have for their language goes a long way to why Afrikaans for me is such a joy to learn, and why I will always continue to learn it.

22 van my gunsteling Afrikaanse Intensiewe Vorme

I have also tried to put what the English equivalent would be, but for some of them I could not really think of a good word or saying that we have in English.  Please also feel free to comment with your own.

silwerskoon (clean as sliver) spotless 

blitsvinnig (lightening fast) as fast as lightening 

brandarm (very poor) dirt poor

Peodelnaked (naked as a poodle) stark naked

doodbang (dead scared) dead scared

doodernstig (dead serious) dead serious/deadly serious 

doodmaklik (dead easy) dead easy

haarfyn (hair fine) as thin as a thread

hemelhoog (high as heavens) heaven high

Veerlig (feather light) as light as a feather

papnat (sopping wet) sopping wet/soaking wet

peperduur (Expensive as peper) ridiculously expensive

perdfris (healthy as a horse) as healthy as a horse, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle 

pikswart (pitch black) pitch black

prentjiemooi (picture pretty/picturesque) as pretty as a picture

splinternuut (brand new) brand new

Vuurwarm (fire warm) baking hot

Kliphard (hard as a rock) rock hard

stokdoof (deaf as a stick) stone deaf

Skatryk (rich as treasure) filthy rich

vingeralleen (lonely as a finger) all alone

Yskoud (ice cold) ice cold

Liedjies vir leer

Hallo! As gewone asseblief sê vir my wanneer my Afrikaans is nie korrek nie.  Ek waardeer dit en ek leer ‘n bietjie meer elke dag.  Ek Sukkel met die grammatika.

Wanneer ek ‘n taal leer ek hou daarvan om prêt te hê.  Liedjies is altyd baie prêt vir my en ek die woordeskat beter onthou as in ‘n storie of ‘n sin.

Ek hou van ou tradisionele liedjies en Afrikaans se pop liedjies ook.  Een van my gunsteling sangers is Nicholis Louw.  Ek is nie seeker hoe ‘n mens sê “they are very catchy” in Afrikaans so ek sal sê “Sy liedjies bly in my kop!” of “Sy liedjies sit in my kop!”.

Hier is ‘n skakel vir een van sy liedjies wat ek besig om te leer is.

In die volgende post sal ek praat oor my sukkel met Afrikaans se woorde as ‘n Engels eerste taal spreker.