SA Dec 2014 110 (2)

Hi my name is Kelly and I am just someone who is interested in South Africa and Afrikaans, I am no expert on the subject, and will never profess to be but, I will share my discoveries, and invite those who know the language and country far better than I do to share their knowledge and stories with you.

As I have said I first fell in love with South Africa in 2011, when my now husband, a South African, took me to visit his home.  But my fascination with it actually started many years before then.  When I was a child my grandparents visited their friends in South Africa,  I was mesmerised by their photos, and when these same friends visited the UK  with their small daughter, I remember being so intrigued by this young girl, who lived in the place full of animals and languages that I had seen in my grandparents photos.  For as long as I can remember I have been an adventurer at heart, always intrigued by places, people, languages and cultures, and in my young mind South Africa was a mysterious and far away place.  When I first visited South Africa many years later it did not disappoint.  Yes South Africa has had a turbulent past but I admire how far it has come, and I actually feel it has a lot to teach the rest of the world.  The beauty of its scenery and the spirit and warmth of its people blew me away, it still does, and I have never been made to feel so welcome anywhere else in the world. South African`s are very proud of their country, and very patriotic, which I think is beautiful.  There are eleven official languages in South Africa, and I would like to learn more but for the moment it is Afrikaans.  Native Afrikaans speakers are so passionate about their language, and are some of the warmest, most welcoming people I have ever met, and I really want to help share Afrikaans and South Africa with the world.

I have tried to keep my video interviews as natural and unedited as possible, because language learning, and life, is not a perfect polished performance, and so I felt it was important that my videos reflected that, and many are just natural conversations.  I hope you enjoy them.

What Afrikaans is to me:

A fun, expressive and descriptive language that is constantly embracing change.  It is a language of many different people, from many different races and backgrounds, and it has been influenced by this.  It has embraced and accepted new people, concepts, accents, and ideas, and still continues to do so.

Personally I feel that Afrikaans gets a rough deal because some people still associate it with Apartheid, but we do not think badly of the German language because of the past, and so it should be the same with Afrikaans.  In both cases it was not every native speaker that held these beliefs and did these things, we can recognise and accept that of German but some people aren’t quite there yet with Afrikaans.   I would love to see that change.

FAQs about myself:

How old are you? – 36

Where do you live? – Near Cambridge, UK

If you could live anywhere where would you love to live? – Camps Bay, Cape Town or Llandudno, Cape Town.  I can`t decide which one!

Do you have any pets? – Unfortunately not because we live in an apartment, but I would love dogs.

What other languages are you learning? – French, and I would also like to stat Welsh when my Afrikaans and French are better.

Why Afrikaans? – My husband is South African and so we visit his family there yearly, also I wanted a language that I could use regularly, but really I just love it!!

Why French? – I lived and worked in France at Disneyland Paris,  and so I want to keep that part of me alive.

Why Welsh? – My Granddad was Welsh, sadly he is no longer around but I still want to do it for him.  Plus I also love the less common languages, hence Afrikaans.

Thank you guys for reading and watching Xx