Die Afrikaanse Taalmonument


Last Year I finally got to visit the Afrikaanse Taalmonument next to Paarl near Cape Town.  ‘Taal’ is the Afrikaans word for language, so translated it is the Afrikaans language monument.

As we drove up to the monument I felt a flutter of excitement.  It really is impressive both in height and in design.  It is beautiful to look at, and with it`s sleek clean lines it could sit in an art gallery or an exquisite modern home, albeit with an exceptionally high roof and lots of floor space of course!  A guided tour pre-booked from the visitor`s center will teach you the history of the monument and what each part represents, I won`t spoil that for you here. The monument is high up on the Paarl Mountain overlooking the town.  The scenery surrounding the monument is also impressive, patch work fields and small towns interrupted by imposing mountains which look especially stunning when the clouds sit around their top`s.

Do make sure to take your camera and book a guided tour, these are free and offered upon request between certain times only so please do check the website.  Tours take about 20 minutes.  I will link the website at the end of this post. There is also a 30 minute hiking route, we have not done this but they say it’s suitable for all fitness levels, and to wear suitable shoes.

It is nice to sit outside with a drink from the coffee shop and take in the beautiful view, this is what we did!  You can even take your own picnic, or they say picnics can be pre-ordered from the coffee shop.

Since starting to learn Afrikaans I had wanted to visit here.  I had hoped to on our 2015 trip and was disappointed when we did not.  Upon reflection though it meant more to me this time because I feel my Afrikaans is now much better, and I can now say that I am starting to be able to speak Afrikaans, of ek kan n’ bietjie Afrikaans praat! though I still have much to learn and improve upon.  I felt a belonging there that I don`t think I would have the previous year.  It meant a lot to me.  It felt good to think that this beautiful language is now part of my life.  I love Afrikaans afrikaans_translation_agency

Uitsig vanaf die Afrikaanse Taalmonument


Die Koffiewinkel
Die  Afrikaanse TaalMonument


I feel the meaning of this sentence is best said in English as “we are earnest about this” or even “we are serious and determined about this” what do you think ?


Dit is so groot!
My gunsteling foto
speelplek buite die koffiewinkel


Hier is die skakel na die webwerf.  Jy kan dit lees in Engels of Afrikaans                                       Here is the link for the website.  The site can be read in English or Afrikaans.


Please feel free to contact me to correct or share any information I may have missed, or to correct my Afrikaans as I am still learning.  You can comment here or contact me on kelly.learnlanguage@gmail.com

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Tafelberg & Sightseeing bus

Hello! In this video I talk about Table Mountain and the CitySightSeeing Bus

Hallo! In hierdie video praat ek oor Tafelberg en die CitySightSeeing Bus

My recommendations for Table Mountain (Tafelberg in Afrikaans)

Links for things mentioned in this video:

(This company looks great!, can`t believe I`ve never done it will be contacting them for our next trip!)

Great safety tips for hiking here

(they have great trip advisor reviews)


Restaurant in Plattekloof

Thank you Sandra for this recommendation 🙂

*My contact email


Midweek Afrikaans learning tip!

Here is another quick Afrikaans language learning tip to help you this week.  I hope you can find it useful.

The series is called ‘Jan Braai’ and below is the link to the ShowMax blog which talks more about KykNet. There appears to be a link to a free trial of ShowMax at the end of their blog post so do scroll down. I think I did the free trial first.  There are also short videos of parts of some episodes on YouTube.


If you find value in this please do share it with others so we can help each other.

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My favorite restaurants around Cape Town!

We are now back from our holiday in South Africa.  In this video I talk about my favorite restaurants around Cape Town.  I have also listed them with links below this video.

My gunsteling restaurante rondom Kaapstad!

Ons is nou terug van ons vakansie in Suid-Afrika.  In hierdie video ek praat  oor my gunstelling restuarante rondom Kappstad.  Geniet!

Restaurants mentioned:

Cattle Baron http://www.cattlebaron.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

Dros http://www.dros.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar https://belthazar.co.za/ (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)

Dale’s Black Angus Grill http://www.blackangus.co.za/ (Paddocks shopping centre, Milnerton)

Maestro’s on The Beach http://www.maestros.co.za/ (Wood Bridge Island, Milnerton)

The Famous Butchers Gill http://www.capetownlodge.co.za/restaurant/ (City Centre Cape Town)

Bertha’s http://berthas.co.za/ (Simons Town)

Spur Steak Ranches https://www.spur.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

Jerry`s Burger Bar http://www.jerrysburgerbar.co.za/ (restaurants around Cape Town)

Moyo http://www.moyo.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

The Big Barrel Pub at Mountain View Farm http://mountainviewfarm.co.za/Mountain-View-Farm/ (Durbanville, Cape Town)

shimmy Beach Club http://www.shimmybeachclub.com/ (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)

Grand Africa Cafe and Beach http://www.grandafrica.com/GrandAfricaCafeandBeachCapeTown.aspx (Granger Bay, Cape Town)

Quay Four http://quay4.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

Ocean Basket https://oceanbasket.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

Mugg & Bean http://www.themugg.com/ (Cafes around South Africa)

Wimpy http://www.wimpy.co.za/ (Cafes around South Africa)

Cal’cacchio http://www.colcacchio.co.za/ (restaurants around South Africa)

Verdi (No website) (Edgemead near Cape Town)

Roman`s Pizza Take away http://www.romanspizza.co.za/ (Takeaways around South Africa)

Butler`s Pizza Take away http://www.butlers.co.za/ (Takeaways around South Africa)

Mariner`s Wharf Take away fish and chips (No website) (Hout Bay/Hout Baai) – THIS IS THE ONE WE VISIT!

Fish on the Rocks http://www.fishontherocks.co.za/ (Hout Bay/Hout Baai)

Snoekies http://www.snoekies.co.za/ (Hout Bay/Hout Baai)

A ‘Don Pedro’ is an alcoholic milkshake


Paragliding van LeeuKop, Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika

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We are now back from our holiday in South Africa 😦 but as usual we had a wonderful time, and wonderful weather.  One of my many highlights was a paragliding flight that I have been trying to work up the courage to do for  a couple of years now.  I would highly recommend it, I feel it is the more gentle of the extreme sport family, and an amazing way to see the city of Cape Town from above.

I went with ‘Fly Cape Town Paragliding’  https://flycapetown.co.za/ there are lots of companies but I had seen some Tuber`s I follow use them and so I decided to go with them.  I am glad that I did.

I had originally booked for the Monday but winds in Cape Town can be very strong and quickly changeable, and so I did`nt get to do it until the Thursday, so do bare that in mind when you book and try not to book it for the last day of your holiday otherwise you might be disappointed.  The booking process was very simple.  I went on their  website and booked a slot online.  I then received a confirmation text message and email.  It said that they would contact me on the day if it was going ahead, and if I had not heard from them an hour before the time then to contact them.  As traffic can be bad going into town to get to Signal Hill I would recommend to phone before the hour to give yourself more time to get there, I called and hour and a half before.

There were lots of other companies at the meeting point at Signal Hill car park, and it all seemed a little overwhelming at first with nerves as well, but I think as with most things in South Africa it is far more laid back than the UK and you just have to go with the flow! In the end we took off from Lion`s Head as the wind had changed.  It is quite a walk up Lion`s Head for the Paragliding and so I would say do adhere to the water and sunscreen that they advise you to bring along.  I forgot my water and although I am fairly fit I did struggle a little with the walk without it.

We did a very quick safety talk, filled in a few forms, and within ten minutes we were off! We landed in the high school at Camps Bay and then were driven back up to the car park at Signal Hill.

I hope you enjoy the below video, this was taken on a Go-Pro by ‘Fly Cape Town Paragliding’ a service that they charge extra for but is well worth getting.  My video goes a little funny at the end when I took hold of the Go-Pro, I think in my excitement I was pressing for photos rather than video!

Paragliding van LeeuKop, Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika met Fly Cape Town Paragliding https://flycapetown.co.za/