The Afrikaans Language Learning Materials I`m using

Here I talk about the materials I started using at the beginning of my Afrikaans learning and what I am now using 3 years on.  If you are interested in different and fun ways to learn a language then I have a website dedicated to this at 

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I want to share my own experiences, and the experiences of others who learn in a fun way, both here, on my YouTube Channel, and in the 1 to 1 coaching sessions I offer, in the hope that it will be useful to others.

I want to help people to become independent learners by teaching them how to learn languages in the right way for them.

I am passionate about encouraging more people to learn languages because I believe it can help us all to get a better understanding of each other, and through gaining a better understanding of each other perhaps we might begin to live together more peacefully.

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For a $2 trial language learning coaching session with me follow this link

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FAQs about me

How old are you? – 37 (updated 06.01.2017)

Where do you live? – Near Cambridge, UK

If you could live anywhere where would you love to live? – It keeps changing! maybe Camps Bay, Cape Town, Llandudno, Cape Town or Big Bay Cape Town, I cant decide!  I also think some places in America look beautiful but I`ve never been to America so I don`t know.

Do you have any pets? – Unfortunately not because we live in an apartment, but I would love dogs.

What other languages are you learning? – French, and I would also like to start Spanish and Welsh when my Afrikaans and French are better.

Why Afrikaans? – My husband is South African and so we visit his family there yearly, also I wanted a language that I could use regularly, but really I just love it!!

Why French? – I lived and worked in France at Disneyland Paris, and so I want to keep that part of me alive.

Why Welsh? – My Granddad was Welsh, sadly he is no longer around but I still want to do it for him. Plus I also love the less common languages, hence Afrikaans.

Why Spanish? I love Spanish music and just feel a draw to the language.


That opinion of Afrikaans that I hate.

I am very passionate about Afrikaans and so feel hurt when I hear certain opinions about it.  Afrikaans is a language spoken by people from many different cultures and of many different colours across South Africa, Namibia and the world, yet some people feel it is appropriate to call it a racist language.  A language itself cannot be racist.  I  am aware of the history of South Africa and why this can be a view that some people hold but, we need to remember that many other languages have also been spoken by those who have oppressed people: German, English, Russian are just a few.  In fact I think if you were to go back in history almost every language in the world would have at some time been spoken by oppressors in and out of government.  I do not hear the same criticism and protest to these languages.  No one is telling Germans that they cannot speak German because it is racist, that would be ridiculous.  It seems we can separate people from language in the above examples, we realise that not every German speaker was a Nazi, and therefore it should be the same for Afrikaans.

I have had native Afrikaans speakers tell me they struggled with their own feelings towards their language after 1994.  They had spent their whole lives thinking, dreaming, and singing in their mother tongue and now did not know how to feel about part of their identity, and I find that heart-breaking: a lot of these people were never involved in the oppression, some where just children then.  I believe Afrikaans has a rightful place in South Africa, yes it stems from Dutch, but it is not Dutch, it is very unique to South Africa.  It is a beautiful and expressive language.  The English words ‘beautiful’ and ‘terrible’ do not even come close in being able to express emotion in same way the words `pragtig’ and `Verskriklik’ do.

If you are an Afrikaans language learner I would encourage you to have the confidence to reach out to native Afrikaans speakers.  As with any language you might get the odd person who is not very helpful but, compared to other languages I have tried learning the response has been much more positive and helpful almost all of the time.  Everyone I have encountered has been genuinely excited and interested in why I am trying to learn their native language.  I have had people literally brimming with excitement in a way that I have not experienced with native speakers of other languages I have learnt, and they seem to truly want to encourage and help you where they can. The love that native speakers have for their language goes a long way to why Afrikaans for me is such a joy to learn, and why I will always continue to learn it.

Tafelberg & Sightseeing bus

Hello! In this video I talk about Table Mountain and the CitySightSeeing Bus

Hallo! In hierdie video praat ek oor Tafelberg en die CitySightSeeing Bus

My recommendations for Table Mountain (Tafelberg in Afrikaans)

Links for things mentioned in this video:

(This company looks great!, can`t believe I`ve never done it will be contacting them for our next trip!)

Great safety tips for hiking here

(they have great trip advisor reviews)


Restaurant in Plattekloof

Thank you Sandra for this recommendation 🙂

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Paragliding van LeeuKop, Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika

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We are now back from our holiday in South Africa 😦 but as usual we had a wonderful time, and wonderful weather.  One of my many highlights was a paragliding flight that I have been trying to work up the courage to do for  a couple of years now.  I would highly recommend it, I feel it is the more gentle of the extreme sport family, and an amazing way to see the city of Cape Town from above.

I went with ‘Fly Cape Town Paragliding’ there are lots of companies but I had seen some Tuber`s I follow use them and so I decided to go with them.  I am glad that I did.

I had originally booked for the Monday but winds in Cape Town can be very strong and quickly changeable, and so I did`nt get to do it until the Thursday, so do bare that in mind when you book and try not to book it for the last day of your holiday otherwise you might be disappointed.  The booking process was very simple.  I went on their  website and booked a slot online.  I then received a confirmation text message and email.  It said that they would contact me on the day if it was going ahead, and if I had not heard from them an hour before the time then to contact them.  As traffic can be bad going into town to get to Signal Hill I would recommend to phone before the hour to give yourself more time to get there, I called and hour and a half before.

There were lots of other companies at the meeting point at Signal Hill car park, and it all seemed a little overwhelming at first with nerves as well, but I think as with most things in South Africa it is far more laid back than the UK and you just have to go with the flow! In the end we took off from Lion`s Head as the wind had changed.  It is quite a walk up Lion`s Head for the Paragliding and so I would say do adhere to the water and sunscreen that they advise you to bring along.  I forgot my water and although I am fairly fit I did struggle a little with the walk without it.

We did a very quick safety talk, filled in a few forms, and within ten minutes we were off! We landed in the high school at Camps Bay and then were driven back up to the car park at Signal Hill.

I hope you enjoy the below video, this was taken on a Go-Pro by ‘Fly Cape Town Paragliding’ a service that they charge extra for but is well worth getting.  My video goes a little funny at the end when I took hold of the Go-Pro, I think in my excitement I was pressing for photos rather than video!

Paragliding van LeeuKop, Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika met Fly Cape Town Paragliding



Hello and Welcome! or Hallo en Welkom!


Hello and Welcome! Hallo en Welkom!

I first fell in love with South Africa in 2011 when my now husband, a South African, took me to visit his home country.  South Africa and Afrikaans have both completely captured my heart, and so I have started this blog to create a place where I will post things about both Afrikaans and South Africa that I find interesting, and that will hopefully be of interest and help to others, and where learners and tutors of Afrikaans can come together and share ideas.  It is also a way of keeping myself accountable on my Afrikaans language learning journey.

Here is my introduction video, I hope you enjoy my blog,

Kelly parker 🙂