Adventures of Learning a Less Widely Learnt Language Part 2


And a few tips to get you started!

I Apologise for the sound glitching in places. It only seems to do it when uploaded to YouTube? Any tech people out there who might know why feel free to write me 🙂

Ed and I talk about our experiences with learning languages that are less commonly learnt on a worldwide scale. In my humble opinion these are the best languages to learn, and for me the most fun! We share what we have found are the advantages and disadvantages of learning these languages, plus we share a few tips for getting started with your learning. We hope you enjoy this video and find it useful.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask us. We can be reached at the following:

Email Kelly –

Contact Eduart –

Some of the resources and people mentioned in this video:

*Forvo –

*Anki Flash Cards –

*Luca Lampariello –

*Richard Simcott –

*Benny The Irish Polyglott

*Mnemonics –

*Colloquial Afrikaans by Bruce Donaldson –

*Colloquial Serbian –

Both Colloquial Afrikaans and Colloquial Serbian are available from a number of different places online including Amazon and prices do vary.

About me.

I love coaching people on fun ways to learn languages and reach their goals. I work with people who`s main goal is to speak a language, and so they don`t want to be bogged down by writing and lots of grammar. I also coach English as a foreign language. Here is how you can get in touch with me


To download my FREE PDF: 6 Step Plan for Fitting Language Learning into Your Everyday Life, or to book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me to see how I can help you reach your speaking goals visit this page on my website.

About Eduart.

Ed is a language coach on italki and coaches people learning English, Japanese, Afrikaans and occasionally Mandarin Chinese. He is very supportive and passionate about language learning, and has a wealth of knowledge and tips to share. Ed can be contacted on the link below.


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